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May 2024

A Tribute to Motherhood: The Heroes of Everyday Life

Let’s be real. Motherhood is a lot. A lot of love and a lot of juggling. A lot of joy and a lot of messes in the kitchen.

From pregnancy to 24/7 caring for our babies, and all the way until kids become adults – the job of a mom never ends and sometimes even means hiring a babysitter to come so you can just clean for a couple hours. Or Reheating your coffee 10x each morning and doing more with one hand than you could ever imagine, moms are basically magicians without a wand.

Today we are raising awareness in this story to the ones who deserve some extra love and support most: MOMS.

Moms are usually the first to say YES to help someone else and the last to ask for help. Taking time hat mom’s are “supposed to do” and part of it is based on the divine nurturing that moms innately have within.

Instead of just taking one day this month to honor these incredible women – this story shares some of the greatest ways we can celebrate moms all year long, and gives you some fun ideas to give to these women and give them some extra love.

Mothers are the backbone of society and according to the US Census Bureau, there are about 85.4 million mothers in America alone. Moms are usually the ones who bear the brunt of juggling multiple roles. They are caretakers, providers, teachers, cheerleaders and the first to take care of everyone else and put themselves last on the list. A study from University of California found that children who are nurtured by their mothers from a young age, tend to have healthier and more productive lives.

Whether you are close with your own mom, or if you’ve experienced the loss of your mother, dedicate some time this month honoring the mothers in yoru life who make it better.

So how can we celebrate our mamas in may? Here are some self-care tips and meaningful gestures that help moms feel loved and appreciated.

As a mom of two, I can wholeheartedly see why MOMSTRONG is such a popular hashtag and why I created a business and brand that supports moms creating time for self-care. Here are some gifts that are worth more than money you can share with a mom you love:

Acts of service: All moms can truly appreciate an extra set of hands. Even the moms who you have it all together are usually hanging on by a thread. Offering to do something for a mom you love like babysitting, cleaning the house, cooking her a meal, any way that you can help take something off her plate is probably the number 1 gift moms want.

Handmade/personal gifts: A letter, a photo, something personalized that a mom can cherish for decades to come is such a perfect way to honor her and show her special thoughtful love.

Quality time: Most moms are also juggling so many things at once, it is hard to feel present. Taking a mom you love to go on a nice walk, pracitce some yoga or do something together that you can enjoy and be present together is another gift that she can cherish for a lifetime.

Motherhood can often feel like a 24/7 job filled with many hats and the pressure in our world to be a “perfect” mom can often weigh a lot on moms shoulders.

I have a FREE self-care guide you can give to a mom you love simply by getting on my newsletter

Moms need support just like everyone else and the more we can support one another the better we can show up for others.

By Jamie McFadden

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