wax wraps santa cruz
May 2019

Wax Wraps: Green Tips May 2019

By Meredith Keet, Founder the Zero shop

Have you heard of wax wraps? These are an awesome alternative to use in place of plastic wrap: to cover a bowl, wrap up some leftover cheese or that pesky half of an avocado, keep your bread from going stale or to pack your sandwich for lunch . The best part? You can reuse it again and again.

wax wraps santa cruz

Wash with lukewarm water and the soft side of a sponge, hang to dry and you’re done. These should last you 6-9 months or even longer depending on how heavily you use them. And when they reach the end of their life…you can then compost them! There are even recipes that will make the vegans among us happy by using candelilla wax in place of beeswax.

Doing what you can to keep plastic out of our landfills and our oceans feels empowering! It may feel like only a small piece of a much larger puzzle, but each of our actions, when added together, equal real change.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

– Mother Teresa

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