October 2021

By Mikayla Shults

Last October was not what anybody had hoped for, yet all of these kids and their families found a way to make Halloween memorable. The most popular places around San Lorenzo Valley were Riverside and California Dr. in Ben Lomond, which isn’t different from any other year. Almost everyone took a stroll around their neighborhood, where families created contactless forms of trick-or-treating; shooting candy down tubes, throwing treats at kids, and the classic: leaving a bowl on the front porch. Some went to a Halloween parade with masks and social distancing in Santa Cruz.

Now that older kids and parents can be vaccinated, don’t fear the Covid, fear the Reaper. Check out what the kids are saying about Halloween 2021 and remember to be safe this fall.

Cooper, 9
Last Year: Neighborhood and California Dr
This year: Riverside, neighborhood, California Dr

Killian, 8
Last year: Goddess went to Riverside
This year: Miyo, Riverside and annual house party

Wesley, 12
Last year: Wounded skater
This year: Soccer player

Dylan, 11
Last year: He was a dancing clown and went to Riverside
This year: Surfer with fin in his head, Riverside and neighborhood

Finn, 11
Last year: Hot dog, Riverside
This year: Going to riverside and annual party

Helena, 2
Last year: Frog, went to parade with Denise
This year: Elsa
Denise, 2
Last year: Owl, contactless parade in Santa Cruz and people threw candy in their wagon
This year: Tiger/cheetah

Tia, 11
Last year: Dead doll

Tommy, 4 & Ivy, 6
Last year: A neighbor set up safe trick or treating for the kids in the neighborhood
This year: Going to Roseville to trick or treat with cousins, getting rapid tests first and wearing masks, then slumber party with crafts.

Ella, 9
Last year: Zombie Bride
This year: Devil
Claire, 12
Last year: Zombie Girl Scout
This year: Fairy

Garret, 12
Last year: Miguel from Cobra Kai, neighborhood and California Dr
This year: Kevin Hart type comedian, going to the same spots

Stella, 11
Last year: Riverside
This year: Prisoner, Riverside

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