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July Editors Notes

We are living through tough times right now all over the world. Sure, we haven’t been asked to make the sacrifices people had to make in bigger catastrophes. Other generations would laugh at our “problems,” like being asked to wear masks or to stay home and watch Netflix, but we are also seeing firsthand the plight of losing the business you loved and built as the economy goes into a tailspin.

Like most, we are shaking our heads trying to awaken from a bad dream and wondering what will come next and how we will deal with it.

The good news is that our community is filled with loving souls who are glad to help each other and with a few exceptions, want to follow the rules to make sure everyone stays healthy. We know we are in the same boat and are doing what we can to help each other. For that, we give thanks.

And now we are putting out our fifth issue since the virus crisis took over in earnest, which is part miracle, part labor of love. We have an amazing staff, many of whom have been here for decades, trying to keep the community informed about what’s open, what things families can do and how to best educate kids and their parents. In these times information has never been more important.

In this month’s issue you will learn what precautions you should take for your kids to get swimming lessons. If you’ve adopted a pet during shelter-in-place, we have an expert with training tips. We have an important story about the Autism Network and the valuable services it supplies. We also have tips on helping special education students when there is no school and one on how to use computer screens with good intention during the crisis.

There’s a fun story inside about a kid living his dream by opening a sports collectible store with his dad. And finally, we have the winners of our pet and kid photo contest.

Nicole Young wrote a timely story on how to raise kids without racism. It’s a must read. There’s also some first-hand reporting from students who are leading the protests against racism and police brutality. They tell us what they think without an adult filter.

In short, we are the place for a demographic that is all too often overlooked in local media—families. We want to share information with and about families raising kids and grandkids in a community that has so many other concerns, but none more important than this.

Brad Kava, Jennifer Ford and Steve Dinnen

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