Halloween for New Borns at a Dignity Health Support Group for New Mothers

We covered the first Halloween for new borns at a weekly Dignity Health support group for new mothers. You can’t make up this level of cute!
Photos by Paris Lahman.
“Ninja Turtle”
Bret Segers: 8 weeks old
Mother Amanda Segers

“Charlie Brown”
Arlo Ulbricht : 5 weeks old 
Mother: Megan Ulbricht

August Juel: 8 weeks old
Mother: Kirsten Juel

“Candy Corn”
Evan Stokes: 8 weeks
Mother: Veronica Phillips

“Scrubs Costume”
Liam Cassaro: 11 weeks 
Mother: Lindsay Cassaro

Baby: Finn McDonough: 2 weeks
Mother: Shannon Marie Kerr
Sebastian Boe: 9 weeks 
Mother: Desiree Boe  

Rylee Holyoak : 9 weeks
Mother: Janet Holyoak

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