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Mind Blown! Preschool teachers, even those with masters and PhDs, earn a barely living wage. We learned that in our cover story written by the owner of Natural Bridges Children’s Center and are aghast.

Who is more important outside a toddler’s family than their first teachers? And why are those teachers treated so badly? We can especially appreciate their struggles now, as families have to make a choice between losing their jobs or sending the kids to a preschool. It’s always important to indoctrinate them to learning and it’s never been more important to do it safely. We have two stories on the topic in our Preschool Edition. We also have a guide to the best preschools and services for youngsters.

Did you know Black History Month started a century ago as only a week in February because it was near the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass? In 1976 it grew to a month as part of the bicentennial. Jeanette Prather covers local events and reflections in her story about the important local celebration, now conducted online.

On the lighter side, we’ve got LEGOS, you know those small torture devices that attack you on the floor when you least expect them. Our organization expert tells us how to tame the critters. Ow!

How are pediatric dentists handling the pandemic? We have the answer in a story by dentist Allison Jackson. She takes you behind the scenes in her practice.

What should you tell your children about the violence in the U.S. Capitol that killed a police officer and four other people and what should you tell them about the pandemic? We’ve got answers inside.

Do you know a mom who made a difference? We have the first in an ongoing series by Suki Wessling featuring great moms. You can nominate more candidates by writing to [email protected]

Stumped by what to give loved ones for Valentine’s Day? Check out our big list of local suggestions.

We hope you learn a lot and enjoy plenty in February’s Growing Up.

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Brad Kava, Jennifer Ford, and Steve Dinnen

A Tired Mother with Upset Baby Suffering with Post Natal Depression.

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