February 2024

Embracing Self-Love and Acts of Kindness

February is known as the month of love, yet it’s not just about romantic love – it is a great time to make space for self-love and spread it to those around you. This month is a great time to reflect on our relationships, especially the one with ourselves. The more love we have inside, the more we can radiate that love with the world around us. 

Self-love is the foundation of a healthy mind, body and soul. It is about appreciating who you are and embracing all parts of you. Self-love is also about taking care of yourself and your well-being through self-care. When we can remember that self-care is not selfish but it is necessary for a healthy life, we can put our needs first. Sometimes that means setting boundaries and saying no when you need to prioritize your needs. 

In February, let’s focus on nurturing self-love and spreading kindness. In this article I will share with you my WAVE self-care system and a February self-care through kindness initiative. 

Imagine loving yourself the way you love your kids, family, friends and those who really make your heart smile. One of the key components is having compassion and forgiveness. There is a great quote by Maya Angelou, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” I believe this goes well with self-love, when we take baby steps towards healthier living, we will grow. 

The WAVE system, taken from my book “WAVES of self-care: It takes a village is a simple effective way to make sure you are prioritizing your wellness in all areas of health. You can use this system as a daily check in or take a deeper dive every once in a while. 

To raise your self-love this month, take a few minutes while reading this and answer the following:

How can you love yourself more this month? 

Well-being: Take some time to focus on what it means to be well. What is most important to you?  If you tune into your heart space, where do you want to put more attention and energy? When you love yourself more, you can show up better for your family and friends.

Awareness: Raise your inner reflection and take time to meet yourself where you are at now. Coming from a place of love, instead of worrying about the past or future, how can you embrace this moment. What are you currently doing daily towards self-love and what are some things you can do to raise the bar?

Vision: Visualize a version of you that is full of love, self-care and spreading kindness to those around you. What is that version of you doing differently? Who are you around? Where are you spending your time? The more clearly you can visualize it – the more you can believe and become.

Energy: Everything is energy and this is all about how we are showing up. Where are you putting your energy? What are you committed to do so that you can love yourself more in 2024?

How are you showing up in the world for others?

Using this system is a great way to channel into your higher self and the more love we have inward, the more we can share with others. 

As a community, let’s focus on taking this love to our community. What is ONE random act of kindness you are going to do this month?

Let’s spread love in 2024 and make time to connect with each other. 

Want to join my self-care village? 

Giving away a signed copy of my book for one person who commits to love yourself more in 2024.  You can reach out to me at jaimemcfaden.com or @jaimemcfaden on all social media channels. I am determined to support at least one person per day on taking better care of themselves. Will pick winner Feb 10th. To enter: Send a message letting me know how you will love yourself more this month. 

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