December 2021

Editor's Note

by brad kava

We’re about to flip the page on 2021 and while it’s been a tough year for many, there are some good things to celebrate.

We love those little libraries sprouting up all over town outside people’s homes. It’s such a great way to give back. We also love the food libraries we’ve seen at places such as Leo’s Haven. Left to their own devices people will do good works and that’s reason to celebrate.

Over in Scotts Valley we caught a plant library! “Need a plant? Take a Plant. Have a Plant? Leaf a Plant,” it says. “Sharing is caring,” my kindergartner says.
The holidays are filled with giving and we love that. The organization called Santa Cruz Gives is hitting record numbers, ensuring that those who need help the most will get it.

Stories we’ve printed over the year show just how much people are doing for each other. We have a story this month paying tribute to one kindergarten teacher, but we’d like to salute all teachers, who frankly risk their lives to be in a room with unvaccinated kids. Luckily now the kids will get the shots that can save lives, but these underpaid, under-appreciated workers put aside their fears and fought through classes that could have hurt them in order to be there in person for the kids and we really appreciate that.

We appreciate everyone who has stepped up to get a vaccine, not just for themselves, but to protect those around them. We can’t imagine a time in history where foolish naysayers would fight against a proven medical breakthrough, but they are out there in force. One of them even stuffed fake information sheets in copies of our magazine. If you see them, know we had nothing to do with it and are disgusted by their actions.

Some cities, like San Jose, have to hire street performers to entertain them. Santa Cruz has some of the greatest free musicians on the planet, some of whom have gone onto fame, such as Gillian Welch. Kudos to them, particularly the costumed accordionist known as the Great Morgani and all the cool bands, including some who played on the street for free before paying gigs. Thanks for the smiles.
We celebrate the people at KSQD-FM, the newest community radio station where hundreds of volunteers bring us information and entertainment for no reward but wanting to help the community. Same goes for KZSC, the UCSC station.
We thank everyone who has given back to the community. What the misinformed mistakenly call socialism with no understanding of the concept, we call social-ism, helping those around us. Plain and simple.

On another celebratory note for us, Growing Up in Santa Cruz won four national awards last month, including for best humor column (the insightful cartoons by Patty Benson); best column (Behind the Teacher’s Desk by Lisa Catterall); best column (high school student Grace Timan on going back to class during the pandemic) and best Table of Contents (laid out by designer Christy Shults).
We want to thank them for their work and you for reading and keeping print journalism alive.

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