imaginarium santa cruz
March 2019

Burning Man at the Mall: Around Town March 2019

Imaginarium Celebrates Creativity

By Patrice Keet

Love the idea of Burning Man? How about a family-friendly version, free, March 2 at the Capitola Mall?

Imaginarium will feature aerial performances, puppet shows, puppet story time and a bounty of captivating characters in costume and give families a chance to explore their creativity with puppet crafts.

imaginarium santa cruz

The Puppetry Institute at the Museum of Discovery and Stellaria Arts are planning performances and workshops from 4 – 6 pm at this free event.

Organizer Ricki Vincent says this will be an event where Cosplay folks mingle with Furfolk and others who want to share their creative expression. Cosplay – huh? Furfolk? Sound like a different language?

“Cosplay is a movement that’s been around for about 20 years where adults get dressed up as their favorite character,” says Ricki. “They might be inspired by an Anime character or one from the comics or movies. Folks in costume hang out with each other and show off what they’ve put together.”

And Furfolk? “people of all ages who dress up as animals, sort-of mascot style and gather,” he continues.

“Our Imaginarium event will be like a local family-friendly Burning Man without the fire and playa dust. We’re creating a happening where people can be part of sing-alongs. Watch our Dr. Mercurio puppet show and wander around.

“There’ll be more photo-ops than you can shake a Muppet at and you’re guaranteed to fill your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with inspiring and fun photos.

“I’ll also be introducing brand new puppet creatures including Gypsy the Baby Unicorn who will have her coming out party at this event,” Ricki fills in. “It’s going to be fun, free and not your usual happening. I’m looking forward to seeing the delight and wonder in all the kids’ eyes.”

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