September 2018

Your Letters and Thoughts: September 2018

The Capitola Mall removed its children’s play structure in the food court, a popular place for families. Now there are tables there and very few food vendors. We showed a photo of it on our new “Where is this in Santa Cruz?” feature at and asked where it was and why it was sad.

Here are some responses:

It’s sad because they tore out the play area. We used to go every time it rained

– Samantha, via website.

That looks like the food court at the Capitola Mall. With no food and no people

– Shelly, via web- site.

I just passed by today and wondered that very thing. When my kids were little, we often went to the mall just to play here. Why would they take away something that actually brings young families to the mall?

– Julie Madigan, via Growing Up in santa cruz Facebook page.

the folks at the mall had an answer and are looking for your feedback:

The play structure was removed due to its aging condition. We hope local families will take advantage of the many kid-friendly offerings at Capitola Mall, such as The Santa Cruz Chil- dren’s Museum of Discovery, Giggles N Wiggles, our new Free Game Deck (of- fering Giant Chess, Connect Four, and Jenga… maybe a future “Where is this in Santa Cruz” location!), and our First Wednesday Family Fun Events (themed monthly events benefitting Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Sup- port Services with crafts, games, and fun engagements with Happily Ever Laughter fairies). Our goal is to re-activate the Food Hall as an enjoyable experience for all ages and we hope to reintroduce a new play area in future redevelopments of the center. If this is something that local families want to see in the future, please encourage them to provide feedback at The survey will run through October. We look forward to your feedback.

We printed this photo of an eye- sore at Aptos Junior High, a bench that looks like an accident waiting to happen. We got no response from the school’s principal, but one teacher sent this in:

Aptos Jr. kids don’t eat here this is for teachers. Years ago parents painted it for us. Ate lunch there today beauti- ful view.

– Liz Ettinger, via

We reported about the shortage of life-saving EpiPens in schools and got some advice.

Our doctor gave us a prescription for Auvi-Q, which was less expensive

– Laura Terrazas, via Growing Up in santa cruz Facebook page.

We use Auvi-Q epinephrine instead. It’s smaller and has a hard case which makes it easier to transport. It also gives verbal instructions to the user, so any- one can follow the directions for it (epipen has a large percentage of user error) and it gets delivered to your house. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using the EpiPen brand of epinephrine!

– Kimberly Pinard, via Growing Up in Santa Cruz Facebook page.

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