November 2022

Time to Say Goodbye

Three and half years ago, my manager at Cabrillo College introduced me to Brad Kava. He and I met (him with the hope I would be his next ad rep and me with the dream of creating the paper layout.) With much confidence, I convinced him that the paper needed a redesign, and I was the only person to do it. We premiered the new logo, layout, and glossy cover in September 2019. Looking back, the paper and my skills have only improved.

My time at Growing Up has been a roller coaster of uncertainty in the world, from the first months of the pandemic to the fires that displaced so many from their homes. Through it all, I was given freedom in design and helped acquire content to tell a broader story to our readers.

Even my children helped contribute to the Growing Up family. Mikayla writes the What the Kids Are Saying column, which has helped solidify her desire to work with children as a career and Zachary has offered up his expert gaming advice in the Youth Writer column.

I went from a possible ad rep to the Art Director and eventually became the managing editor as my desire to do more increased.

I have learned immensely from every person in the Growing Up Family and will take those lessons with me. It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to this incredible experience.

The November issue is my last contribution to Growing Up in Santa Cruz. I will still be making waves in Santa Cruz, focusing more on my family and my shop in Felton.

Thank you, Brad and Steve, for believing in me and giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and lifelong friendship.

Art Director and Managing Editor,

Christy Shults

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