July 2019

Our Pet Cover Photo Contest!

When Bella Herrera was a toddler, she

suffered from allergies and her doctor suggested that she eat local honey to try and combat them.  She liked honey in tea and her mom, Veronica, made a daily tea party a ritual.  It stuck. Bella, then 5, loved tea and she shared her party with her English Bulldog, Bubba, shown here without his pinky finger raised in proper English etiquette.  At 12, she still loves tea and her dog.

The votes were close for our pet and kid photo of the year. All entrants will get two free passes to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and stay tuned for our infant photo contest in October.

Mason and Winnie. Photo by Jennifer Holm.

Adalyn McQuirk, 4, and her pet chicken Cupcake.

Kaleb and his dog, Bruno. Photo by Rhea Orthner

Gabriella Gomez and Shimmer the Beagle.

Kian and his cat, Yoda Photo by Rhea Orthner

Photo by Kristin Vincent

Echo guarding her baby boy, Wyatt. Susan Lindle photo.

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  • Cynthia

    The cover of you paper reminded me of my own children. We also had a tea party. What a wonderful time and place to raise our children.


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