brad kava growing up in santa cruz
May 2019

Letter from the Editors May 2019

Dear Readers,

One of the best things I did this year was go back to school—no, schools.

I was part of an annual group called Inside Education put on by the Santa Cruz County Office of Education, which takes community members to

brad kava growing up in santa cruz

schools across the county and educates them about education.

My mind was blown many times. I watched teens build a house, a canoe, a sailboat, learn to cook gourmet food, fix bicycles, take college level classes and farm, to name a few things.

Every month we went on field trips to schools to see what they were doing, and even with two kids in local schools, I saw things I didn’t know were happening. We also had behind the scenes lectures from administrators. I was solidly impressed with a preschool for migrant kids whose families were working in the fields. It was first class and gave me hope that someone in this society really cares.

I saw great Career Technical Education classes, but I’m worried about what’s going to happen to them now that the state is turning the funding over to local districts. Meanwhile, students are learning skills such as medical and dental assisting, cabinet making, video production. We have got to do what it takes to keep these programs running well. They are so important.

I was happy to see Ceiba Charter School in Watsonville started by the people who created the nationally renowned Pacific Collegiate School, and other great alternative schools for kids who don’t fit in with the standard programs.

I won’t even mention that the whole thing is catered with gourmet food and you meet some of the most interesting people in the county taking the class with you. It meets one day a month and will open your eyes and mind. Unlike other county programs, this one is free and meets Sept. through May.

For more information about how to register, email Les Forster at [email protected]

We are proud to present our Mother’s Day issue with articles about moms in dangerous jobs, the mother of the year in Soquel and a mom and son dentistry office.

You’ll also want to check out Mary Gaukel’s column on some of the most successful teens in the county and get behind the teacher’s desk with Lisa Catterall. People are reading that column online all over the country.

Finally, our photographer Kevin Painchaud, was selected to show his work at last month’s Open Studios.

You can see it here on the front page and the adventure sports column. It’s frameworthy.

Thanks for reading

Brad Kava
Jennifer Ford

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