letter from the editors GUISC Feb 2019
February 2019

Letter from the Editors: February 2019

Dear Readers,

It’s almost a reflex: we see a couple with a toddler and the question pops out. Where are you going to send them to preschool?

We feel like ants, rubbing antennae to exchange information. Are they nice? What do they teach? Are they strict? Are they fun? Do the kids love it? Do they enjoy it? Is there food? Is there diversity? Is it multilingual?

letter from the editors GUISC Feb 2019

We’ve heard tales of one preschool where the owner never looked up from a cell phone during the entire drop off. That one is out of business, to no one’s surprise. Then, there’s one where the teacher has the kids make a video for absent students. So much information, so many questions, so many great schools to choose from.

We asked educator Jan Pierce to narrow down what we should be looking for and she gave us an article and a checklist and explained so many of the philosophies behind various preschools. Don’t miss that story. We’ve also got our annual preschool guide, which features listings from many of the best schools in the area.

Art teacher Kathleen Crocetti will go down in Santa Cruz history as the woman who got middle school students to put permanent artwork on the bridges into Santa Cruz. They should be a tourist attraction for the way they make the city stand out. She’s taken creativity so far out of the classroom. She’s also doing her next fashionTEEN show at the Civic Auditorium April 19. That’s one not to be missed.

Music in the schools has been slowly dying…or so we thought. In an article about middle and high school teacher Nick Bianchini, writer Suki Wessling shows a great music revival he has championed. There’s no trouble in this river city.

Community radio has also been slowly dying…or so we thought. Now, with more than 100 volunteers led by the passionate Rachel Anne Goodman, Santa Cruz will have a new signal, KSQD at 90.7 FM. The station will feature shows for all ages, including kids and families. Check out the story and schedule inside. And, yes, Growing Up in Santa Cruz will have a presence there.

There are plenty of more reasons to feel positive this month, student art, a fun dentist, how to stay safe in amusement parks and a bicycle love story. Check them out inside.

Thanks for reading.

Brad Kava
Jennifer Ford

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