May 2021

Lara Lenington

A Long time

Tell us about an intense or fun surfing memory

I remember my daughter asking me why only women surf as she only saw my mom friends and me going off together. Sweet she lived in that world as a kid.
Surfing up north in the morning and then loading my car with kids and boards looking for surf in town after school.

What is your occupation


Do you have any significant community involvement?

I have always volunteered at my children’s schools. I volunteer for the local psychological association. I volunteered for years for the local soccer club.

Tell us something unique about you as a mother who surfs with/without your kiddos

Surfing keeps me in touch with nature-a nice break from the swirl of life.

What is your most memorable surf moment with your kids?

Seeing my son get his first wave at Cowells.

What are some challenges of surfing related to motherhood?

Balancing the responsibilities of being present while raising kids with the self-care you experience when you leave them and get in the ocean.

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