February 2022

Girl Scout Cookies

Sweetest Time of Year

By steve Dinnen

It’s cookie time again! Girl Scouts have just now launched their 2022 campaign to blanket America with Thin Mints and S’Mores. This year’s crop sees a new addition, the Adventureful, described as a brownie-inspired treat that features a caramel-flavored crème and a dash of sea salt.

“I was a Girl Scout for nine years, and this is the one I’m going for,” said Eileen Ringwald. She’s director of marketing for the Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast, which supports the nearly 400 girls in Santa Cruz County who belong to local troops.

Ringwald said you won’t have to look far for your fill of cookies. The girls have a multi-pronged marketing attack planned – running lemonade stands, staffing booths, and doing what they call walkabouts in neighborhoods. You’re also likely to encounter them in front of grocery stores.

News reports have advised us that supply chain issues may impact the availability of the Adventureful. There’s a way to find out – ask for a box.

Ringwald said the sale ends March 13.

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