Brad Kava
February 2020

Editor's Note February 2020

Can you imagine working all day teaching school kids and then spending your nights in a car because you can’t afford a home in Santa Cruz? Or having to work at night driving an Uber after a day in school?

Those are the kinds of stories writer Suki Wessling uncovered in her article about teachers struggling to survive in Santa Cruz. It’s shocking and just so wrong.

Brad Kava

Why aren’t teachers paid enough to make rent or own a home, while athletes are paid like kings? It makes not sense. Who is more important to your family’s future, the one giving your children skills to survive and thrive, or some guy doing a happy dance in an end zone? 

Luckily Wessling uncovered some positives too, an organization trying to help teachers afford homes. But the equation that puts teachers in the negative will go down as one of the great mistakes of our time. 

Other countries have more respect. In China if you tell someone you are a teacher, they react the way someone here would if you told them you were a brain surgeon.  And why shouldn’t it be that way, when we entrust these professionals with our children and then treat them like their jobs barely matter. We thank the people trying to change this.

This is the time of year a lot of new parents are thinking about how best to educate their toddlers—and we’ve got plenty of listings of preschools and after school enrichment in this issue.  For those who have experienced both, which is more difficult, picking a college or a preschool? Both are among the greatest challenges of parenthood.

When does the grief go away after losing a baby? Writer Erin Beck Mayer talks about the steps she took to recover from her own tragedy. Who is running this classroom, the teachers or the students? Teacher Lisa Catterall takes on that question.

Kevin Painchaud found a football coach who recovered from personal trauma by helping kids get into sports and developed a football league that has girls and boys playing together.

What can kids do to help the environment? John Louis Koenig found a tree-planting group at a Waldorf School that shows what’s possible.

Did someone steal your identity or your wallet? Organizing expert Jhonee Fillmore has some important tips on protecting yourself online.

There are a bunch more stories with tips, advice and insights to help all of us growing up in Santa Cruz. 

Enjoy this issue and send us your feedback to [email protected]

PS: Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Kids Day downtown Santa Cruz March 21. There will be booths, games, music, dance and information for parents and kids. Last year’s event drew thousands and this year will be even bigger.

Thanks for reading.
Brad Kava

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