September 2022

College Prep

By Mikayla Shults

Last month I asked seniors how they were preparing for college. I assumed most students would be in the same boat- writing essays and applying for scholarships. For some reason, I thought I was the only senior choosing to take a different path and go to Cabrillo. The results were pleasantly surprising! It turns out many people are taking advantage of community college, and if they aren’t, plans for next year are not 100% clear. A few of the people I spoke to have worked extra hard since last year and know exactly what education and career suits them. One person went to Cabrillo for the last couple of years and just started school in Hawaii. I went into this with the expectation that everyone knew how they wanted to spend the next several years, forgetting that we were all still kids. Although some students seem to have it all figured out, most of us have virtually no idea what we’re doing, and none of us can predict the future. Even if everyone’s plans are different, there is still one thing we all have in common. The goal I saw in everyone’s responses was to make the most of this year, whatever that may be for them. Before we know it, we will all have it figured out, whether that be college or our careers, hopefully, both. Here’s what the kids are saying about college preparation.


I’m a little stressed at the moment, but I’m trying to keep a steady mind since I don’t want to burn myself out. Since it’s so early in the college application season, I’m taking my time and focusing on applications during my free period. I’ve started my UC applications, and if all goes well, I want to attend UC Santa Cruz and major in biology and minor in either biochem or environmental science.


Well, I’m planning on going to Cabrillo for two years. Then I will transfer to a school with a good entrepreneurial program because I want to start an online sports website where people can watch games and comment on them live with other fans, and I want to learn the mathematics of that.


I am nervous about applying and eventually going to college. I still feel like I should be eight years old and playing on the playground. I am studying for the SAT and getting everything together for my college applications. Ever since I was little, I have wanted to go to Stanford, so that is my goal for college. I plan on studying Biology and eventually going to medical school.


I am in an optimistic head space. I am preparing to go to beauty school and or ultrasound technology. I plan to take some Cabrillo classes, but I have other ideas in mind! I am excited to see where after high school takes me!


For me, the biggest benefit [of going to Cabrillo] was having a chance to explore different subjects and classes while it was affordable since I didn’t know what I wanted to major in. But also, during covid, it was a huge help because it allowed for some flexibility and again, was affordable, but even without covid saving money is always a good option.


Very slowly, I have started some research on colleges. Last year in my art class a speech was given by an employee at SCAD, and this really opened my eyes to the possibilities after high school. Seeing many of my friends leave for college this year has also made me realize how close it is. I have been researching through visiting school websites and reading through their curriculum and programs. I have been keeping my mind pretty open, not wanting to get stuck on one school, and I’ve also been trying to take time to enjoy my last year of high school.


I’ve been procrastinating and putting off getting a letter or recommendation and writing essays. I’m looking into UC Davis, Berkeley, Humboldt, San Diego and CSUMB. I definitely want to go to a California school for math or science, something I won’t need to write a ton of big papers for. I’m excited to move out and be on my own.


I need to write one more essay and my common app is due soon. I prepared by doing an essay workshop. I’m interested in going to UC Davis, Denver, Utah, Oregon State or University and New Mexico State. I am nervous but excited, and most importantly I want to finish strong. I started as the head of a tiger so I must finish as the tail of a tiger, not a mouse.


I want to go to CSUMB, UCLA, UH, San Jose State, NYU, or San Francisco State. My plan is to major in nursing and maybe become a paramedic, then go to medicine school and get my PhD to become a surgeon. I still need to get my reference letters done.


I’m looking at WSU, CSU, UCSC, Cabrillo, Gonzaga, and the University of Oregon to study history. I haven’t done any applications yet, but I’m prepared for the challenge.


My plan is to go to a four year right out of high school. I’m going to apply to a lot of CSUs, San Marcos, San Diego State, maybe even an out of state school! I’m applying to the University of Oregon which is kind of a stretch. I would love to play basketball if possible, but academics come first. And I want to major in kinesiology.


My plan for college is to go to Cabrillo to get my AA in fire science. I have already done a year of fire technology and right now I’m working on getting my EMT. I plan on trying out for the Central Fire District next September so I can get hired out of there to be a firefighter one and then work my way up. Eventually I will get my SWAT paramedic and rescue swimmer degree. I’d love to do a lot of wild land and seasonal work with CalFire.


I want to go into a direct entry four year BSM program for nursing so I can be an RN straight out of college. I really want to go to southern California, but I am applying to a few out of states. I just did a college rough draft essay, and I’ve been doing a fire internship, a sports med class, I’m working with the school’s new athletic trainer and I TA for the school nurse. I’m working very hard for nursing right now.


I want to go to college in southern California and hopefully major in kinesiology, because I want to be a physical therapist. I’ve looked into colleges like San Diego State and CSU Fullerton and a couple others.


I’m trying to become a mechanical engineer. I’m applying to CalPoly and Berkeley here. I’m also applying to the University of Waterloo, basically the MIT of Canada, and my dad works there. I already got into Montana State, which is cool, so that’s an option. I feel great about this, it feels awesome!


So I’m planning on applying to a few reach schools but I don’t plan on going to them. I don’t quite feel ready to leave home yet, and I didn’t get to do a whole year of dance because of covid, so I want to continue dancing for a little bit. I want to get my general ed done at Cabrillo and then from there possibly go to a 4 year, but I want to get my ultrasound tech license no matter what career I go into. The two careers I’m thinking about are dance or nursing but I don’t know which one I want to do yet.

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