June 2021

The Future of SLVHS 2021 Graduates

For San Lorenzo Valley High School’s Class of 2021, our seniors have indicated that 84% will be attending a college or university in the Fall and 16% will be taking a career path, which includes attending a trade school, apprenticeship program, military service, gap year or are undecided.

For our seniors attending a higher education institution 77% will be staying in California, while 23% will be heading out of state. Some of the states students will be going to include Hawaii, Washington and even states as far as Alaska, Florida and Louisiana.

59% indicated they will be attending a CA Community College such as Cabrillo College, Santa Barbara City College or Cuesta College. 41% incidcated they will be attending a 4-year University. Some of these Universities include out-of-state universities such as University of Hawaii at Manoa, Vanderbilt University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Western Washington University. California Universities that SLVHS seniors will be attending include UC Berkeley, UC Davis, CSU Chico, CSU Humboldt and Chapman University.

While our Seniors have had a difficult year of working through a pandemic and the CZU Complex Fire, they are looking forward to what their next adventures will be.”

Ethan Hatch
San Lorenzo Valley HS
Ethan will be doing two years at Cabrillo and transferring to a four-year. He has decided to go this route because he feels this last year hasn’t been the greatest college prep, and many of the courses he looked into are mainly online anyways. Cabrillo seems to be the best fit for him at this time, but talking to a counselor makes him confident he can finish it in the two years he plans and then continue.

Brian Martin
San Lorenzo Valley HS
I’ve always wanted to go into the trades. As more and more tradesmen are retiring, there is definitely a need for skilled workers. I plan for n attending the Power Pathway through PG&E in hopes of becoming a lineman. Covid didn’t affect my plans for after high school but solidified the importance of essential workers, and I’m excited about the future!

Connor Urbancic
San Lorenzo Valley HS
This past school year has meant many adjustments and flexibility as COVID precautions and safety measures derailed much of the senior year experience for our students. One thing that has remained steadfast is Connor’s plans for after graduation. He was accepted into the Marine Transportation program at Cal Maritime Academy, where he will earn a Bachelor of Science and a U.S. Coast Guard Third Mate Unlimited License. We are so proud of him and all the hard work that got him to his goal.

Michael Arcangeli
Scotts Valley HS
Michael’s senior year at SVHS was abnormal due to Covid, but he was able to play his varsity football and baseball seasons as the county’s numbers improved. He was also lucky to attend the senior prom, which made the school year seem somewhat normal. He will attend Louisiana State University to study business in the fall.

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