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SLV Rocks Out to Feed Families

On April 15, SLVHS Math Teacher Rob Lahey reached out to SLVUSD Superintendent Dr. Laurie Bruton with an idea to help SLV residents amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Both of them had been wondering how to pool the SLV community resources and allow neighbors to help neighbors. After two days, they created SLV Food For Families. In one month, $31,000 has been raised. Families in need can apply through the district web page.

Each week the fund has given out $10,000. Trying to rally the community and entertain at the same time, Rob Lahey started creating playlists via youtube of local musicians. Each week Lahey presents his list of music through the SLVUSD Facebook page. After week 2, the playlists have had over 3,300 views. Lahey hopes that if each view contributed $5 to the foundation, the district would be able to maintain the weekly $10,000. Lahey stated, “With any fundraiser, there is an initial interest to help. But this can’t be a one and done situation. I have students in my classes and know of many of the families receiving assistance, and their stories are alarming. We need to help them.”

Every Wednesday! Till Rob runs out of music. This coming week is in honor of medical professionals; next week, in honor of our 2020 graduates, the following two weeks will be featuring Jesse Daniels country performer and on the charts then Chetan Tierra, a world-class pianist both SLVHS grads.

Note from SLV Unified School District:
San Lorenzo Valley Families For Food UPDATE: Hi Troops! Last week SLVFFF distributed $10,000 worth of Safeway food cards. We have raised $25,000 so far. This is an ongoing effort. Please contribute when you are able. Stronger Together!

SLVUSD will be hosting this weekly Watch Party weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm to help raise funds for SLVFFF. Follow their Facebook page for more information here.

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