November 2020

Emma Gilbert

Local Artist

AGE 10 | Fourth Grade

Hi, I’m Emma! I am ten years old, as of Halloween! I like things like riding my bike around our driveway and down in our cul-de-sac, and I also love playing soccer and softball. I also really enjoy playing with my friends and siblings! I love animals, can you guess my favorite animal? It’s a Cat! However, my very favorite thing to do is art!! And that is what I’m here to talk about! My favorite type of art is drawing.

Here are a few drawing styles that I like:
I like drawing cartoon types of drawings because it’s fun, and interesting to make. For example, the different head shapes and faces are always fun to make!

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The next type of drawing is:
I like drawing realistic things because, they always look like something I would see in real life.

But my personal favorite type is:
I love drawing anime because, I like that they look semi realistic and cartoony all in one! Do you ever get artist block? Here is one way to get rid of art block- go on a nature walk and look at the things around you, when you do this you can see different things and shapes. It helps me get new ideas. I’m so thankful to get to show you all my art!

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