October 2022

Leo Tischler

About the Cover

by tina tischler

Leo Tischler was named for his strength and determination shown from the very beginning. During the early weeks of pregnancy, Tina Tischler, (Leo’s mom) was told by doctors that her pregnancy was non-viable and a miscarriage was expected. During an ultrasound weeks later, they were surprised to find a healthy baby growing in her belly! After feeling many different emotions from the news, happiness set in and their pregnancy was back on track. At that time, Tina and Damian Tischler (dad) knew this baby was meant to be part of their family and the name Leo stuck.

Things felt normal for a while and the Tischler family continued their plans to relocate from San Francisco back to their hometown of Santa Cruz. Damian secured a Registered Nurse position at Dominican hospital, and they prepared to move.

Unexpectedly, Tina’s water broke at only 22 weeks and she was hospitalized at Dominican, then transferred to Stanford where she stayed for 11 weeks until Leo was born. During Tina’s hospitalization, friends and family rallied together to give support and also helped move their belongings to Santa Cruz. After the move, Damian came across the Growing Up in Santa Cruz magazine and Leo’s big sister Luna Tischler (age 5) entered the coloring contest. She was excited to receive a letter in the mail from the magazine, sharing that she had won the contest and she’d be included in the next magazine. This lifted Luna’s spirits during a difficult time and made her feel at home in Santa Cruz, while she patiently awaited becoming a big sister and for her mommy to return.

Leo held out until 33 weeks, and was born at Stanford Children’s Hospital. He weighed just over 4 lbs at birth and spent 3 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Intermediate Care Nursery at Stanford and was then transferred to Domincan’s NICU to be closer to his family. Leo made it home just in time for Christmas and the Tischlers were grateful to close out 2021 in good health and to all be living under one roof.

Thanks to the amazing staff at Dominican and Stanford hospitals, Leo is home with his family in Santa Cruz, and is a healthy and happy 20 lb baby. Leo enjoys spending time outside whether it’s in the backpack hiking with dad, playing in the sand at the beach, or getting dirty in the garden. At home he loves cuddling with mom, listening to music, and playing with anything electronic. He especially looks up to his big sister, Luna who he adores and often can be found playing quietly in her room with the “big kid” toys; aka the unicorns, barbies, and legos. Leo will be celebrating his first birthday in SC with friends and family this coming November.

The Tischler family would like to thank everyone who helped them get through the challenging time and is happy to be back in the area reconnecting with the local community.

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