High School Student
March 2020

Students Prepare for their Futures

What path do you want to take after high school, and how are you working towards it currently?

Lennon Lillenthal-Wynn

San Lorenzo Valley High School Junior
Lennon would like to go to a university in Los Angeles, Georgia, or New York to get a bachelor in film studies. Currently, he is creating his portfolio and maintaining good grades.

Jack Williams

Santa Cruz High School Senior
Jack will be starting a career in the US Navy as an aviation rescue swimmer (AIRR). His goal is to have a job that keeps him active and one where he can serve others in need. His time in the US Naval sea cadet corps, as well as the Santa Cruz junior guard program, has helped him prepare.

SLVHS Student

Thommi Hall

San Lorenzo Valley High School Freshman
Thommi is interested in physical training. Her dream is to be a PE teacher. She plays sports year-round, volleyball, soccer, softball, and skis.

Ally Dunn

San Lorenzo Valley High School Freshman
If Ally chooses to become a vet, she wants to go to Cabrillo for 2 years, then UC Davis. If she goes into nursing, she will attend a 4-year college straight out of high school. Right now, she is working hard in every class and focusing on her sustainable agriculture and biology class.

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