October 2022

Fall Craft

Spooky Fall Creations

By Carmen Clark

There are so many fun Halloween projects to do; from costume making to home decor, it’s hard to know where to start! These two paintings are simple and fun, and hopefully, the supplies needed are already in your art box or easily attainable. Both these projects use watercolors, which really allows the colors to overlap and create layers of colors.

Watercolor and Crayon Spider Web
White paper, white crayon, watercolor paints

Because crayon is made with wax, it repels water, so when you put crayon on paper and then paint over it, the water will leave the crayon alone. This is especially fun when using a white crayon on a white piece of paper; the littles get a kick out of it, like it’s magic, and I never bother to dissuade them. 1) Draw a spider web, pressing with medium pressure – you don’t want to break the crayon, but you want to make sure it’s nice and thick.

How to draw a simple spider web:

  1. Draw 6 lines radiating from a middle point on the paper.
  2. Start at that middle point and draw circles spiraling out from that point.
  3. Think of a color scheme, maybe it’s blues and purples, or maybe it’s autumn colors.
  4. Using a very wet brush, paint the colors on the paper.
  5. The spider web will emerge, white like the crayon, while the rest of the paper becomes colorful.

Autumn Cat
White paper, watercolor paints, black sharpie or permanent pen

You will be using yellow, orange, and red colors (I’ve seen this with blues and greens and it’s just as pretty!)

  1. Start with yellow and paint a circle in the center of the paper
    Continue with orange and paint a larger circle around the yellow
  2. Do the same thing with red, paint around the orange, you want the red to hit the edges of your paper

Remember: it’s okay for the colors to layer, it’ll create a lovely effect that is unique to watercolor paint

  1. Let the paint dry – probably not more than 5 minutes or so
  2. Using your pen or sharpie, draw a tree on one side of the paper, with a branch reaching out to the middle of the paper, where the yellow is.

How to draw a simple tree:

  1. Draw a wavy line all the way up the side of the page, about ½ inch from the paper’s edge Draw a wavy line to the middle of the paper.
  2. Draw a second line above it.
  3. Use a U shape to create the branches at the end of the branch, but don’t connect them.
  4. Draw a cat in the middle of the branch.

How to draw a simple cat:

  1. Draw an oval for the body.
  2. Draw a circle on top of the oval for the head.
  3. Draw two triangles for the ears.
  4. Draw a wavy line, going from the middle of the oval for the tail.

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