January 2019

Creative Workouts When the World is Running Down

Over 25 local women shared their pandemic-clad workouts, expanding beyond their limits and quite literally pushing boundaries.

By Jeanette Prather

Hey, Santa Cruz! There is no stopping you from getting into shape, despite SIP orders. From social distancing-appropriate outdoor workouts, to at-home individual exercising, to participating in an online accountability group, to spending time in nature while you sweat, creativity is abundant around these parts.
Over 25 local women shared their pandemic-clad workouts, expanding beyond their limits and quite literally pushing boundaries. Let’s take a deep dive into the ways that you made the best use of working out while staying safe in 2020:

“I’ve been using the app Seven (Seven.app) first thing in the morning, as well as taking long walks.”
– Elizabeth Tavenner Anderson

“I’ve been getting workouts off TikTok (TikTok.com/en). If I see something that I like or want to try, I save it. It’s a fun way to try different things that can fit into my lifestyle. And I can build my own regime with them.”
– Kristin Suzanne Wyatt

In-person & Online Workouts
“Jennifer Hardwick and Perfect Union (facebook.com/PerfectUnion)! They pivoted so fast and are awesome for their super supportive community!”
– Crissy Diaz

“I did tons of workouts via Popsugar Fitness (Active.Popsugar.com), but after the SIP was lifted, I started working out with GOAT Santa Cruz (GoatSantaCruz.com). This outdoor training changed my body within weeks and lifted my mood tremendously.”
– Patricia Eggers

“I’m a member of Toadal Fitness (ToadalFitness.com) on the Westside, and at the beginning of SIP orders, they offered their equipment to members for at-home use free of charge! I can’t speak more highly of Toadal Fitness during this time and what they’ve done for their members. I also participated in a lot of the Zoom classes from home, about five days per week. Staying connected to my trainers is very motivating and has kept me sane. Now, I’m working out in their parking lot doing T.X.T (Toadal Cross-training) with my favorite trainer. There are a lot of safety measure that they’ve put in place, I’m very impressed. I feel safe taking classes outside.”
– Bonnie Friedenbach

“In addition to offering our outdoor socially distanced workouts (both early morning mom-only and mid-morning stroller-based) with FIT4MOM Santa Cruz (Fit4Mom.com), we also have OnDemand virtual workouts, too.”
– Jessica Hassani

“I’ve been a member of our local Jazzercise group (Jazzercise.com/location/jazzercise-santa-cruz) since 2017 and absolutely love it. I highly recommend getting in touch with the franchise owner, Robin Berkery. She’s done an awesome job of adapting to this crazy time! Classes are streamed on their private Facebook page. Jazzercise Inc. (Jazzercise.com) has given all members access to a few classes a week that can be re-watched. They’re also doing one-to-two outside classes a week in Seabright that are streamed, or you can RSVP and attend in person.”
– Sascha Landry

“Worldanz (Worldanz.com) on Zoom with Gina Garcia, she’s awesome and local.”
– Reyna Marie

“Running in neighborhoods I’ve always wanted to explore. Echelon (Echelonfit.com) bike while listening to podcasts. Zoom and outdoor Jiu Jitsu at Gracie (GracieSantaCruz.com).”
– Shell Mc Neal

“I’m taking advantage of all the online pole and acro classes. I usually have time to do my ab routine and splits routine before I start [remote] working. Whenever I have a work break, I try to do something like a set of pull-ups. I highly suggest a pull-up bar to anyone who is missing the gym or aerial studio.”
– Jody Ryker

Online-only Communities | Platforms
“I used to teach in-person Pilates classes, but had shifted to online offerings about two years ago. I have a subscription service with on-demand Pilates workouts, meditations, and live Zoom classes (KyAutumn.com). Workouts are short and designed to be done daily for maximum stress relief benefits.”
– Ky Carnell Russell

“Synergy (SynergyMoves.com) is offering online dance, fitness, and yoga classes through a Zoom membership. They are live-streamed and then available to members for replay via YouTube. I mostly do a time-efficient intense workout, which includes running the stairs at our apartment building, circuit training with Dumbbells, and Tabata HIIT.”
– Caitlin Fahey

“I used to teach yoga in person at Luma Yoga and La Madrona, plus my own private yoga students. Since COVID, I’ve gone to completely distanced teaching. Now I teach private sessions of one-to-five people on Zoom and on my outdoor deck (or theirs, if they have one), and have built an online class library (linktr.ee/RobinPenneyYoga).”
– Robin Penney

“I take two yoga classes via Zoom a week, do Zumba videos online, and go jogging. I’m also teaching three yoga classes a week online (CapitolaFitness.com and PacificCultural.org), which has been its own learning experience!”
– Rachel Sonnenblick

“I’ve been a Beach Body (BeachBody.com) coach for three years out of Scotts Valley (facebook.com/AmandaPapanda). Prior to that, I was 30 lbs. overweight with two young children and some health problems. If I don’t have accountability doing something, I’m less likely to finish a goal. That’s what this online community is about. I offer a virtual workout every morning, share recipes, nutrition information, and have over 100 members in my group. I’ve seen friendships form because of this platform, and it’s really fun to complete a program with a bunch of other people. There is more engagement since COVID because people just really need that connection right now. The community thrives together, it’s so valuable.”
– Amanda McEachen Steele

“Palomar (PalomarBallroom.com) Zoom dancing.”
– Ruby Straehley

“I’m a Santa Cruz-based Beach Body coach (mysite.Coach.TeamBeachBody.com/?coachId=2331758&locale=en_US) and I offer a challenge group locally. We follow all the programs that Beach Body has to offer and being a coach over these past six months has been amazing. I give my group access to nutrition plans and recipes, supplements, as well as workouts. You can do everything from your house or even go outside and do it; you don’t need that much space. Also, a lot of people aren’t making the same type of money they used to, and Beach Body is cost-effective. You have a coach that comes with your membership and helps walk you through everything. I’ve made more friends in the community than doing anything else. It’s changed my life; how I am and how I interact with people.”
– Amanda Torrente

Outdoor Workouts
“I started running circles in my not-overly large backyard. Some people think I’m nuts, but me and my newly 40lb. lighter self, do not care.”
– Andrea Hills

“I hike, bike, and walk on the regular.”
– Amy Jellison

“I get cardio in by walking my dog twice a day, and then I do chair yoga for my sanity and strength.”
– Deborah Jellison

“Handstands! I try to get myself to jog (at a glacial pace, at least) a mile at least twice per week. Aerial improv/noodling whenever I feel like it.”
– Caitlin Lackey

“Daily 4-mile jogs after Zooming with TK/K students for more than two hours is a must physically and mentally. Hikes/walks with my kiddos three to four times a week, yoga, Pilates or a night workout with the Gaia app (Gaia.com) when children are sleeping.”
– Michelle Schwindler

“Dancing on my mini trampoline.”
– Heather Troy

Peloton | Spin Bikes

“I got a Peloton (OnePeloton.com) and while I’m not a crazy cycler, the instructors are amazing and even a 10- or 20-minute class crushes me! I love the strength, bootcamp and barre classes.”
– Melissa Banks

“I rode my non-Peloton spin bike and did kettlebell training at home. When I was able to get some mommy alone time, I rode my mountain bike on the various trails in Henry Cowell Redwoods and steeper roads in my neighborhood.”
– Jessica Lindsey

“I ride [Peloton] every day and take many of the other classes, too. Investing in my health and happiness is always important.”
– Sara Martinez Bass Aluffi

– Seanna wchantz

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