May 2021

Adrienne Saxton

30 years Surfing

Tell us about an intense or fun surfing memory

Traveling to islands and continents to surf and finding Santa Cruz friends in each place!
Surfing in Tahiti with the fire dancer I had watched perform the night before. He was the prince in the performance and when I saw him surfing the next day it was like I was surfing with a god!
Surfing at a spot up north alone with a whale nearby the entire session.
Going for a quick surf in Bali before leaving for a boat trip to the Mentawais and getting an injury that required stitches!
Missing my flight back home from Bali and getting to spend an extra heavenly week there.
Surfing with friends in perfect conditions at my favorite spot.

What is your occupation

Collaborative Health and Human Services Field Practice Program Coordinator at CSUMB

Do you have any significant community involvement?

My work is about developing these opportunities for college students

Tell us something unique about you as a mother who surfs with/without your kiddos

I preferred surfing without crowds until my kids and I started surfing at Cowell’s when they were little. Now, some of my best memories are party waves with my kids and the rest of Santa Cruz!

What is your most memorable surf moment with your kids?

Surfing with my kids in places like Kauai, Tonga, Malibu, and Big Sur

What are some challenges of surfing related to motherhood?

Time! The changing priorities of motherhood made it difficult to get time to surf especially when they were young. Often our schedules are busy with other activities and surfing has to take a back seat.

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