• August 2021

    To mask or not mask

    Editors’ Note By Brad kava One of the most important stories you’ll read in our Back to School issue is an interview with Faris Sabbah, the man in charge of keeping some 42,000 K-12 students safe. The biggest news from him is that students will have to be masked until at least November when the state will decide if that’s still a requirement. This should be a no-brainer. Medical experts see a second, more contagious wave of Covid sweeping the country and if students are going to be learning in person wearing a mask is a sensible precaution to keeping them and their families safe.But some are challenging Sabbah and…

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    July 2021

    July 21 Editors Note

    Editor’s Note By Brad Kava The minute I saw the help wanted ad, I knew we had to do a story about what looked like the sweetest job in Santa Cruz.Driscoll’s was looking for berry tasters, people to eat and review berries for one of the largest berry growers in the country.What?!!! Who wouldn’t want to do that? I was ready to apply for it myself.But it turns out, there’s more to it than eating and giving a thumbs up or down. It takes some real training in food science and developing your ability to describe and categorize tastes and two months of classes before they let you loose on…

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    Editors Note 621

    June Editor’s Note By brad kava We love the cows at Arana Gulch Park. Parker, 5, and I visit them most every day and we bring them carrots, which they love so much that the minute they hear his voice yell “treats,” they come running from wherever they are on the field to us at the fence. We’re surprised that a lot of people don’t even know about this great resource, but it’s a favorite for the families and cyclists who have found it (off Mentel Ave. but there are several other entrances). We want to salute the city for this great piece of urban development. And don’t think it…