• June 2020


    Open for Business Adventure Sports Unlimited303 Potrero Street, #15, Santa Cruz831.458.3648asudoit.comAdventure Sports Unlimited, where Santa Cruz learns to love the water! Come play with us! Alison K. Jackson, DDS Children’s Dentistrywww.santacruzkidsdentist.com We are seeing patients again! We missed you! Check our website for updates and changes. Please don’t hesitate to call us.   Coast Benefits & Insurance Services 905 W. Linden Rd. Watsonville, CA 95076 831-728-4977 CoastBenefits.net Coast Benefits & Insurance Services has been marketing individual, small group insurance plans and Medicare counseling and enrollment in Medigap Supplemental plans since 1999. Encompass Community ServicesYouth & Family Counseling831-429-8350encompasscs.org/youth_services_counselingEncompass Community Services offers FREE comprehensive mental health and substance use counseling for Santa…

  • June 2020

    Pet Adoption

    Pet Adoption Frenzy Since Shelter in Place Order People Who Put off Getting a Pet are Picking Them up Now BY NATALYA DRESZER There has been a frenzy of animal adoptions since the Shelter in Place Order in March, according to animal shelters in Santa Cruz County. Erika Anderson, 27, is the Program and Development Manager at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. She said there hasn’t been an influx in animals available for adoption, but animals are being adopted as soon as they’re available. “It’s crazy, because as soon as we put them on the website available for adoption they’re pretty much adopted,” Anderson  said, “Especially with dogs.” Even…

  • Digital Spring Concert 1
    June 2020

    Spring Concert

    The Show Must Go On BY PAIGE BERARDO Like most schools, the Kirby School campus in Santa Cruz is normally a hive of activity during spring semester. Now classrooms once filled with pre-finals jitters and the pomp of closing weeks of school are still. The school is COVID quiet — except for one room. Our Choral and Instrumental Directors, Alex Koppel and Ricardo Anzaldo — wearing masks and with at least 6’ in between one another — are busily redesigning the recording studio to produce a socially-distant Digital Spring Concert. Historically, Kirby’s Spring Music Concert is an annual celebration; a pageant of talent and hard work. It includes a special…

  • GradSigns
    June 2020

    Grad Signs

    Plant a Sign for Seniors BY SUKI WESSLING When you drive around Aptos neighborhoods, you can’t miss the signs. They popped up last month as if by magic in front of homes with graduating seniors. But it wasn’t magic in the beginning. It was actually from a chance meeting between two moms that the project began.A huge disappointment Sandi Kolossa struggles to find the right word for how her family was feeling in late April. “When the rest of the school year was called off, there was that little moment of, especially for the senior, my son, I think that disappointment is—I don’t even know what the right word is—harsh?…

  • June 2020

    My Quarantine Learning Journey

    My Quarantine Learning Journey BY GRACE TIMAN Quarantine, a time when worries fill our minds about the uncertain future, and my own mind hasn’t been focused on anything but school assignments. As a part of the generation raised with technology, it has always been a significant part of my life. I never thought, however, that I would have to rely on a laptop for my attendance. Within a week of school cancellation our entire school had swiftly adjusted to the online requirement. Although grateful for the timely changes, it came with some setbacks. I had never heard of Zoom before and only three of my teachers posted on Google Classroom,…

  • June 2020

    Distance Learning Success

    Distance Learning Success BY SUKI WESSLING Looking for the silver lining in a COVID cloud, or making lemonade out of viral lemons? Choose your metaphor for what’s happening around Santa Cruz County now that we’ve parented and educated through quarantine. Educators around the county, at first teaching by the seats of their pajama pants, not only learned to adjust and cope, but also to consider the bright side of this new teaching model they were thrust into. Below we share insights and successes from preschool through high school, from public school to private school. Our teachers are a resourceful, committed bunch! Westlake Elementary As a paraeducator, I don’t usually get…